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Cavalier Club

The St. Gregory's University Cavalier Club is a support organization for St. Gregory's Athletics.  The Cavalier Club is designed to increase private funding available to all St. Gregory's teams in support of team equipment, travel and other needs.

You can join the Cavalier Club with a membership gift of $50.

CLICK HERE to make your tax-deductible gift. Be sure to select the "Athletic General Fund" option on the "Fund" drop-down menu.

Our most current Cavalier Club donor list is below.


St. Gregory's University Cavalier Club
Gifts from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

Cavalier Business Partners
Tinker Federal Credit Union
Harrison Discount Pharmacy
Pottawatomie Telephone Co.
Sine Construction

Vanguard Founders ($500+)
Dan and Nancy Overland*
David (1973) and Kathleen (1975) Nicklas*
Sidney R. Clarke*
Clayton Eads, RedBud Development, LLC
William D. Lanagan
Don and Jenetta Sumner*
Dr. Joe Taron* (1949)
Bob and Charl Allison*
Richard Blake Finley*
Rickey (1984) and Sheryl (1983) Gowin*
Kenneth (1962) and Kathleen Klein*
Doug (1988) and Bridgitt (1989) Menz
Robert J. (1969) and Patsy Sine*
Tinker Federal Credit Union
Lawrence F. (1946) and Joelene M. Roy*
Dr. Joseph D. and Kay Barrick*
Timothy A., D.P.H. (1981) and Jamie Barrick*
Gordon and Paulette Belshe*
Hans E. (1987) and Nancy A. (1986) Cyr*
Steve and Regina Faber
First National Bank & Trust*
Joseph M. and Yvette Fleckinger
Bryndon L. (1992) and Jamie (1992) Manzer
Mid America Construction 
Matthew Kenneth Mollam (1989)
Dr. and Mrs. R.L. Qualls*
Dr. Larry (1976) and Teddi Ann Roy
Shawnee Milling Company
Thomas M. (1970) and Andrea M. Volturo*
Howard G. Wright
Jon and Lori Flowers*
Terry West*
Arvest Bank*
Jim and Vicki Smart*
Jerry Vandegrift*

3-Star Members ($250-$499)
Bulldog Roofing, Inc.
Dr. Leon Combs*
Heather Hendrix
A.T. Bates Insurance Consulting LLC
Steve R. Baldwin and Jo Kenaga*
Stephanie Ann Bills (1986)
Jerrell and Peggy J. Chesney*
Mark L. and Robin Finley*
Jerry and Susan Havens*
Chris and Catherine (1982) Hughes
David and Betty Koehn
Charles M. and Kathleen S. Laster*
Harley Lingerfelt and Susie Clinard*
Greg and Barb Main
Eric K. and Lori Nissen
Christopher (1965) and Kathryn A. Rick
Judge Tom and Jean Thornbrugh
Joe (1954) and Jeanne King*

2-Star Members ($100-$249)
Jimmie and Catherine Brownell*
Mark H. and Mary Jane Cannon*
Michael J. (1973) and Charlotte Davis
Eric Steele
Christopher (2001) and Abby Harless
Charles and Mary Hill*
Dr. Frank and Betty Howard*
Kevin and Tiffany Hutchison
Robert A. Reckinger
Nicholas J. (2000) and Lora Samarripas
Kenny and Reta Sparks
Harry E. and LaVonna Wallace*
Charles and Judy Wright
Shelly Blessing
Brinker International
Ronald L. and Shelly L. Kantola
Sloan Law Office, P.C.
Christopher Seaton (2000)
Andrew F. Sterkel (2005)
Larry B. and Sherrie Harkins
Mr. Pickup Distributing, Inc
Brian V. (2000) and Nichole A. Sterkel (1999)
George M. (2000) and Renee Berish
Dr. Brandon R. Bowers, D.D.S.*
Tom and Carole Brown*
Jimmie (1972) and Sally Brownell*
Linda White*
Paul and Mary Ann Burgess*
Tony (2000) and Debra L. Carlile (2005)*
Wayne and Ann Currie
E Turner and Cynthia Davis
William and Julie Dodson
Rex and Judith Finnegan
First United Bank
Jennifer Clason
Geoff Golden (1995)
Charles and Sue Gorman*
Glenn and Karen Johnson*
Jim D. and Charlotte L. Lowe*
Dr. Jack and Mary Ann Luman*
John P. (1993) and Dianne Martin
J. McKenzie
William and Mary McKenzie
Mike and Connie Little*
Duane and Lisa Miller
James and Terri Pattavina
Susan Pattavina
Paul and Shelley Perry
Elmo and Joyce Pipps*
Mr.  Ramos
Jesse and Danielle (2000) Roberts
Robert and Cathy Stevens*
Earnest and Annette Stuckey*
Charles and Carolyn Sullivan
Leonard M. (1960) and Bevlyn Taron*
Terry and Donna Tippens
James and Fran (1978) Torda
Trim Line Inc
Dr. Bradley and Kay Walck
Bob (1974) and Kellianne Weaver
Trent and Terri York
Jim and Mona Haig
Justice Doug (1971) and Janet Combs
Tom (1975) and Theresa (1974) Kelley
John (1964) and Phyllis Inda

Members ($50-$99)
Douglas Weisbruch
Family Eye Care of Shawnee 
Charles and Jodi Keith
James E. Wright
Ronald Arthur
Kurt W. and Evelyn L. Beyea
Wilbur B. (1965) and Mary Jean Busken
Kenneth D. and Natalie D. Cluck
Harold Crouch
Jon and Michele Crouch
Christopher and Monica Dew
Dr. Ron and Cindy Diggs
Peter and Lori Dudley
Cherie Farmer
Bruce A. and Michelle D. Fields
Randy Fillips
Ellen Fogle
Peter and Gloria Gee
Brandon Glenn and Mary Adams
A.C. Gray
Mandell and Laquitta Gretemen
Brian D. and Meg T. Hastings
James E Heiliger
Mark P Horvath
Melvin L. and Georgia E. Houston
Gaynor Igou and Margaret English
Knights of Columbus #7233, Birch Run, MI
Ralph H and Bonnie Koch
Coye and Marla Langford
Marc A. (1971) and Rebecca A. Migliazzo*
John Michael (1968) and Kathy Morgan
Joey D. (2002) and Krystal M. O'Roark 
Larry C. Ober (1959)
Mark A. and Cynthia L. Paul
Clay and Tina Payne
Ellen Pennington
Jerry W. (2003) and Kimberly Press
Gary D. and Sandra J. Roberts
Spencer H. Ryan*
William A. Weaver*
W. Douglas and Peg Weisbruch
Troy Wesnidge
Robert G. and Shelia D. Wood
Peggy York
Stephen and Kendra Zaborowski

* - Cavalier Club Founding Member
Donor list last updated October 17, 2016

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